Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who tackled the Science Quiz about the only activity
you can't do in Space. Here is a short summary of the suggestions...

Weight-lift (2)
Skip rope (2)
Breathe (2) ,talk/live

I'll now (at considerable risk of being flamed) tell you what the
Science Museum answer was...


Before you start complaining, I will say that my own colleague, Fran
Sheehan, got it in an instant (that's a Stanford education for you!),
and denies having heard the riddle before.

I'm tempted to say that weight(inertia)-lifting is at least possible
during the acceleration phase! Swimming is conceivable, I think, if the
water could be contained. Skipping rope would, I admit, be difficult,
but could (I tentatively suggest) be contrived by the appropriate
apparatus - as applies to breathing and talking. However, to get tears
to run down the cheeks would be a tough exercise in physics.

So, perhaps another draw card for Mr. Tito's space tourism venture might
be it's, outwardly at least, anti-depressant effects!

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