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PhD Scholarship for Australians and New Zealanders

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  • PhD Scholarship for Australians and New Zealanders

    PhD Scholarship

    Computational Biomechanics.

    A PhD scholarship is available for the project "Modelling of articular
    cartilage for prognosis and diagnosis of arthritis" to be conducted within
    a large, industry and Commonwealth funded project "The development of
    confocal endoscopy methods for the diagnosis, prognosis and study of
    arthritic conditions." The project, supervised by Dr Karol Miller and Dr
    Brett Kirk, is based in the Department of Mechanical and Materials
    Engineering, The University of Western Australia, and conducted in close
    collaboration with the School of Medicine and Melbourne-based company
    The annual stipend is $22,267 (tax exempt). This amount may be further
    supplemented by teaching assistantship. Only Australian citizens or
    permanent residents and New Zealand citizens are eligible.

    We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student with a degree in Mathematics,
    Engineering or Physics and strong mathematical background to work on
    mathematical modelling and computer simulation of mechanical properties of
    human cartilage tissue. This work, in conjunction with efforts of other
    members of the team specialising in medical imaging and clinical medicine,
    will lead to improved diagnostic methods for arthritis.

    Articular cartilage exhibits complex and poorly understood mechanical
    properties. The endoscope under development will provide means of
    visualisation of normal and pathological cartilage tissue structure.
    Mathematical model will aim at explaining the relationship between
    microscopic features accessible through the endoscope and macroscopic,
    phenomenological properties of the tissue relevant to functioning of
    synovial joints.

    Applications should be sent (preferably by e-mail) with:
    (i) a statement of practical and academic suitability for the proposed
    research topic,
    (ii) a resume,
    (iii) academic transcript/s,
    (iv) contact information (preferable e-mail addresses) of at least two
    to Dr Karol Miller, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, The
    University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, WA 6009.
    Closing date 22 June 2001.

    For further details contact Dr Karol Miller
    Phone (08) 9380 7323, Fax (08) 9380 1024,


    Dr Karol Miller
    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    The University of Western Australia
    35 Stirling Highway
    Crawley WA 6009, AUSTRALIA
    Phone: + (61) 8 93807323
    Fax: + (61) 8 93801024

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