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I am a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D student at the University of New Brunswick studying hypotonic gait patterns and the effectiveness of orthoses. I have created a matlab routine to calculate joint angles and I am currently trying to validate the program. We are presently attempting to use rigid models and artificial data sets for the validation process. To aid in this process, I was hoping to obtain a validated data file of joint rotations for a gait cycle (clinical or normative). Does anyone feel like generously sharing a validated data file? My marker system and protocol is similar to Davis et al., (1991). Specific information is given below:

Marker System (bilateral)
(similar to Davis et al., but did not use rigid clusters - just directly over anatomical landmarks)

Pelvis - right and left asis, sacral wand
Thigh - greater trochanter, mid-thigh wand, femoral condyle
Shank - femoral condyle (shared with thigh), mid-shank wand, malleolus
Foot - malleolus (shared with shank), heel, fifth metatarsal head

Body-fixed coordinate systems and joint center determination were determined in accordance with Davis et al., (1991). However, data files with or without joint center corrections would be helpful.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Vicky Chester

Institute of Biomedical Engineering
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Fredericton, New Brunswick
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Email: vchester@unb.ca
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