Dear Biomch-L readers,
We are currently involved in animating human motion.
We would like to control the gait speed during human locomotion.
We suppose when we walk faster, we increase the stride lenght and after the
stride frequency.
We would like to know what is the moment where we do the transition between
these 2 parameters.
At the moment, we have a little information regarding this hypothesis.

We are looking for this reference :
Grieve, D. W., & Gear, R. J. (1966). The relationships between length of
stride, step frequency, time of swing and speed of walking for children and
adults. Ergonomics, 9:379-399.

Unfortunately we are not able to find this paper. Could anyone help us?
Thank you so much in advance for your cooperation.

Mathieu Lempereur
GR'Biomecanique-LAMIH-UMR CNRS 8530-UVHC
Le Mont Houy 59313 Valenciennes Cedex 9
Bureau 123
Phone: +33 (0)3-27-51-12-34 Poste : 2163
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