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    >Again, we need to re-phrase the question. Why
    >does the bird have such a long foot, and why does
    >it walk with such a small portion of the foot in
    >contact with the ground?

    I would suggest that rephrasing the question to ask why humans and birds
    have a particular ratio among their leg bones is a good way to approach
    it. As such, these papers might be of interest.

    Garland T Jr, Janis CM. 1993. Does metatarsal/femur ratio predict maximal
    running speed in
    cursorial mammals? Journal of Zoology, London 229: 133–151.
    Gatesy SM. 1991. Hind limb scaling in birds and other theropods:
    implications for terrestrial
    locomotion. Journal of Morphology 209: 83–96.


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