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2001 Summer Bioengineering Conference Final Program

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  • 2001 Summer Bioengineering Conference Final Program

    This e-mail is being sent to several lists. Apologies to those who
    receive multiple copies.
    June 27 - July 1, 2001, Snowbird, Utah

    The final program for the 2001 Summer Bioengineering Conference has now
    been posted as an Acrobat PDF document on the conference website at

    Please take a moment to download it and view it.

    For those looking for potential roommates at the conference to share
    expenses, we have added a "Roommate Bulletin" to our conference web site
    which can be accessed by clicking on "Roommate Bulletin" at

    This site will allow you to list yourself or make connections with
    others looking for roommates.

    Below you will find a copy of our earlier e-mail to authors regarding
    podium and poster presentations.

    We look forward to seeing you in Snowbird!

    Gerard A. Ateshian
    Information Chair
    2001 Summer Bioengineering Conference

    Dear Author:

    The following is an update for presenters.

    For those of you who are giving oral presentations: You have 15 minutes
    for your talk, followed by 5 minutes of questions/discussion. The
    moderators will be keeping very tight to this schedule, so please take
    every effort to prepare and practice your talk to remain on time.
    Options for audio visual in each room are one overhead projector, one
    35mm slide projector (no dual projection available), and one LCD
    computer projector.

    If you plan to use computer projection: You must bring your own laptop
    computer to plug directly into the LCD projector that will be available
    in each room. As you may know, there are times when computer projection
    works great and times when it doesn’t. The organizing committee of the
    meeting will not allow LCD projection to interfere with the meeting
    schedule. Therefore, every speaker using LCD is required to bring
    transparencies as a back-up, and understand that in the event of a
    problem that begins to eat into your time, you will move forward with
    transparencies. All time spent trying to get the LCD projection to
    work, regardless of who is to blame, will be taken from your
    presentation time. Each room will be assigned a student who is
    knowledgeable with the equipment who will help you set up. Prior to
    your session, it is important for each speaker to confirm that their
    presentation works in the speaker ready room and for you to check your
    connection in your specific presentation room because the hardware in
    each room may be different.

    For those of you who are giving poster presentations: Your poster should
    be 4 foot by 4 foot (120 cm by 120 cm) maximum; 3.5 foot (105 cm)
    horizontal dimension is recommended. You will need to put up your
    poster by 8 a.m. on the morning of your poster day and take your poster
    down by 8 p.m. that same day. If your poster remains up after 8 p.m.,
    it may be taken down and discarded. Numbered poster boards
    (corresponding to your poster number) will be set up prior to the
    meeting. You should bring your own push pins. In addition, please be
    reminded that, at the beginning of the poster session, each poster
    presenter will give a one minute oral presentation on their paper in
    regular session rooms. This time limit will be strictly enforced. LCD
    projection will not be allowed for these mini-presentations, overhead
    projectors only will be available. A maximum of 3 overheads is

    Lou Soslowsky
    Local Arrangements Chair
    2001 Summer Bioengineering Conference

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