Hello Biomch-L Members,

I'm a BME student going to Vietnam to explore the medical needs and
technology of the country's central and northern regions.

What I'm *hoping* to find through this list server are overseas contact
persons willing to provide me with the opportunity to at least visit
different research centers and at most to engage in a short-term research
project. I'll be in Danang from September to December 2001, and in Hanoi
from January to June 2002.

Some keywords of interest include MRI/CT/Ultrasound imaging technology,
telemedicine, gait analysis, neurological disorders, and neuromuscular

All replies will be eagerly received and appreciated! Thank you in advance
for your help.

Jasmine L. Taketa, M.S. cand.
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
University of Southern California

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