Dear all,
On the behalf of the Polish Society of Biomechanics I would like to
inform you of the sudden death of prof. Adam Morecki.

It is with deepest sorrow that we have to inform that

Professor Adam Morecki


died suddenly of heart infarct 20th May, 2001.

He was known as a meritorious, outstanding teacher
of students both at Warsaw University of Technology
and at various Polish and foreign universities. For
many years he headed the Department of Theory of
Machines and Robots at the Faculty of Power and
Aeronautical Engineering. He was a tutor for many
generations of engineers and several dozens of Ph.D.
students graduated under his supervision. Being an
excellent scientist and engineer Professor A. Morecki
was one of the architects of the Polish school of
theory of machines and mechanisms and a founder of
the Polish school of engineering biomechanics and
robotics. He published over 300 scientific works,
including monographs and handbooks, he created
several unique designs and supervised several Polish
and international research projects.

Professor A. Morecki, being commonly recognized
by the international scientific community as an
authority, was a member of international scientific
boards of institutes, societies and journals, including
the International Center for Mechanical Sciences
(CISM) in Udine. Serving on different organizations
was a vital part of his scientific activity; e.g., he was a
Secretary General and then a President of the
International Federation for the Theory of Machines
and Mechanisms, he founded and was the first
President of the Polish Society of Biomechanics. He
also served as a President of the Polish Committee
for TMM at Polish Academy of Sciences, a
President of the Committee of Robotics POLSPAR,
and a Vice-President of the Committee for
Automatics and Robotics PAS. Prof. A. Morecki
was also a member of the Committee for Scientific
Title and Degrees in Poland.

His remarkable achievements in the fields of science,
education and organization were many times
awarded by Polish and foreign authorities and
institutions. He bore a title of Honoris Causa Doctor
at the University of Mining and Metallurgy in
Krakow. Prof. A.Morecki was a member of
Engineering Academy in Poland. He received a
prestigious Engelberger Award in the field of
Robotics as well as was decorated with the
Commander’s and Knight’s Crosses of the Order of
the Rebirth of Poland as well as with the National
Education Medal.

We have lost not only an excellent scientist, but also
an inspiring teacher, a respectable Colleague and a
warm-hearted Friend.

We join
Professor Zofia Morecka and her family
in sorrow and express our deepest sympathy

Board of Directors and Employees
of the Institute of Aeronautics and Applied
Mechanics, Warsaw University of Technology

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