Just a quick query on any opinions on telemetry systems people may have. I
am looking to purchase one in the next few months or so and would like to
obtain feedback from the cohort before making a decision.

Prefer to work outdoors with a decent range (approx 750 - 1000m max),
bandwidth of signals approx 150Hz, minimum battery life approx 1 hour,
channels between 8 and 12 (prefer 12), must provide power to active sensors
(e.g. ADXL202 accelerometer).

I will be at the ISBS conference in June so if there are any companies
demonstrating there please contact me (send me your website address via
e-mail and any paper literature via mail (address below)).

Regards Ross

Ross Anderson__________________________________________ _______

Dept of Sport and Exercise Sciences and
Centre for Biomedical Electronics
University of Limerick
Tel - +353 (0) 86 6090866 or +353 (0) 61 202810
Fax - +353 (0) 61 330431
e-Mail - ross.anderson@ul.ie
WWW - www.ul.ie/~pess/staff/ross/

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