I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a video capture problem.
I'm using a Sony Vaio laptop unit with a DV input that uses IEEE 1394
"Firewire" for video capture. I have tried for some time to get the system
to capture from my JVC DVL 9000 Digital video camera. I can capture sound no
problems but the picture is a distorted puzzle pieces image.

I have been made aware that for some reason JVC Firewire protocol is not
compatible with MS 1394. On top of that I am lead to believe that Sony
Firewire has it's own peculiarities. I have tried to find solutions on the
net and I seem to get reasonable info but I just cant seem to crack the
problem. I'm hoping someone out there may have a handle on this problem and
help me out.

Hope you can help.


Danny Rutar
National Coaching and Training Centre
University Of Limerick
Ph: +353 61202895 FX: +35361338174

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