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new CD-ROM "HIP98" free of charge

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  • new CD-ROM "HIP98" free of charge

    Dear Biomech's,

    the BioMechanics Laboratory of the Free University of Berlin is mainly involved
    in the in vivo measurement with instrumented orthopaedic implants for hip joint,
    shoulder joint and spine.

    Our brand new CD-ROM "HIP98" with the most complete data collection of the
    hip joint loading is now available free of charge !!!

    The CD HIP98 contains videos, joint and muscles forces, gait data and activity
    profiles of patients with hip implants performing various activities of daily living.
    An average ‚virtual‘ patient has been developed from the individual results that is
    representative of the biomechanics of the hip joint. The user is able to animate
    all activities and extract exact numbers from the contained files. This data
    collection is not only well suited for teaching biomechanics, physiotherapy and
    orthopaedics, but also for simulations and computer analyses to improve
    orthopaedic implants and surgical techniques.
    HIP98 is available to be copied freely (CD label file is included). All data and
    graphics may be used with only minor restrictions (see copyright). HIP98 will
    be distributed as an add-on in the July issue of the Journal of Biomechanics
    and later in Clinical Biomechanics.
    Many researchers from the Free University and Humboldt University in Berlin,
    the University and the Technical University in Hamburg co-operated in compiling
    HIP98. It is our belief that this data collection will become a standard source of
    information regarding the biomechanics of the hip joint and we hope that it can
    also be helpful for your own work.

    You can order the CD by e-mail, or download the CD as file HIP98.ZIP (125
    MByte) from our web site: where you also find many
    research results and abstracts of our load measurements at hip joints and

    BioMechanics Laboratory
    Benjamin Franklin School of Medicine
    Free University of Berlin
    Hindenburgdamm 30, 12203 Berlin, Germany
    Phone: int 49 - 30 - 8445 - 4730
    Telefax: int 49 - 30 - 8445 - 4729

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