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down-loadable digitizing software

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  • down-loadable digitizing software

    Many thanks to all of you who responded to my message asking
    about shareware for the analysis of video. The response was excellent
    and there are many good sites out there if anyone else has similar

    Of the software I have been able to work through so far the most
    appropriate for my needs seems to be that of 0000,0000,0000Bob Schleihauf at San
    Francisco State University (see below).

    A copy of my original message and a digest of replies is shown below
    (where there were multiple references for a site I have included only

    FF00,0000,0000ORIGINAL MESSAGE

    FF00,0000,0000ArialDear all,

    I have ben awarded a modest grant by the Institute of
    Learning and Teaching in the UK to develop some teaching
    tools for biomechanics. The primary objective is to produce a
    learning support package to allow students to get to grips
    with the basics of motion analysis. To that end I am trying to
    create a series of 'virtual laboratory classes' which would
    allow students to follow some simple steps to collect and
    analyse kinematic data.

    As the purpose is to develop a system which is widely
    available and accessable to all, it needs to allow maximum
    flexibility and access for the minum expence in the form of
    soft- and hard-ware.

    What I am asking the list for is information on any (free ?)
    down-loadable software for the digitizing of video files.

    I have looked on the ISB site but it seems the software there
    allows you to analyse but not import and digitize your own
    video files.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I will copy a
    summary to the list and acknowldge any help in the project
    and other communications.

    Neil Fowler

    Times New RomanREPLIES

    From: 0000,0000,8000"Alan Walmsley"