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As a mature MSc student I am researching running in females and trying to obtain a measure of dynamic posture. I do not mean dynamic stability as in quiet standing, but a biomechanical measure of what constitutes 'good posture' during running. I am investigating, amongst other things, the position of the COM and the base of support. ( I have the Hay references.) Does any one have any leads for literature or ideas/opinions regarding the positioning of the COM, in relation to the base of support, during running. I have found Winter's references for walking but have not found many references for running.
Thank You
Regards Judith Bower
Kind replies were received from Andre Seyfarth with the following reference
Seyfarth, A. et al (1999) Dynamics of the Long Jump. J of Biomechanics 1259-1267

This was very helpful to see a similar modelling idea to the one I am investigating.
There are not many references to the positioning of the COM in relation to the COP in running.
Regards Judith Bower

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