Hello everybody

We have an EMG acquisition system which comprises 8 BTS preamplified
surface electrodes connected via a connector box ( usually carried by the
subject) to a Gould amplifier. The Gould is still going strong, but after 8
years of use we need to replace the electrodes and their connector box. I
am finding it difficult to find EMG electrodes that are not part of an
all-integrated, self -contained system. BTS inform us that they no longer
produce electodes and connector boxes compatible with an all-analog system
like ours. This technology has changed since we purchased our original
system and there are many more telemetric and fibre-optic systems on the
market. We are reluctant to opt for such systems given that they are still
quite expensive and our Gould amplifier works fine.
Does anybody have any ideas ?
Thankyou in advance ...........Thelma.


Thelma Coyle
UMR Mouvement et Perception
Faculté des Sciences du Sport
163 Ave de Luminy, CP 910
13288 Marseille

tel: 33 (0)4 91 17 22 69
Fax: 33 (0)4 91 17 22 52
e-mail: coyle@laps.univ-mrs.fr
Web : http://www.laps.univ-mrs.fr

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