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The 9th world swimming champinoships is now held at Fukuoka, Japan. We are
the members of the Japan swimming federation, medical and scientific
committee, race-analysis project team. We make an announcement of the
race-analysis database. The race-analysis database provide competitive
swimming race-analysis information such as time, stroke and start/turn
information. Time information is not only the result time but also 15m, 45m,
57.5m and so on. More detailed time information. The stroke information is
stroke time(time required during single stroke), stroke length(m/stroke),
stroke rate(number of strokes per minute) and velocity(m/s). Start/Turn
information is start time at 15m and the aquired time at each turn.

Race analysis database

If you are interested in the specified swimmer's information, for example
Ian Thorpe, and get it as soon as race analysis complete, you can reserve by
reservation web site.

Race analysis database reservation page

If you have a question about race-analysis database, please e-mail to
Yuji Ohgi
Keio Univ., Faculty of Environmental Information
5322,Endo,Fujisawa,Kanagawa,JAPAN, 252-8520
Tel +81-466-49-3494
Fax +81-466-47-5041

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