A Post-doctoral position is available immediately in the Laboratory for
Motor Control Neuroscience at the University of Montreal under the
supervision of Professor Anatol G. Feldman.

Currently the work under progress in the laboratory includes empirical
tests of the equilibrium-point hypothesis in the areas of arm-trunk
coordination in reaching, upright posture control, interlimb coordination
and locomotion. The lab is equipped with motion capture systems, various
electrophysiological recording devices, a double joint manipulandum robot,
Linux & NT workstations. A new Virtual Reality lab equipped with a
high-performance SGI multi-processor workstation, real time display units,
haptic interfaces and force platforms, is currently under construction. The
post-doctoral fellow will be involved in this new direction of the lab to
study perception-action issues in human locomotion and prehension, though
the candidate is free to pursue projects in other areas as well.

A close collaboration exists with the laboratory directed by Professor
Mindy Levin, where current research includes applications of movement
research to investigate pathologies such as hemiparetic stroke, Parkinson's
disease and cerebral palsy. There are also active collaborations with
several leading Neuroscience labs in the US, Canada, France, the
Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Russia. Previous students and
post-doctoral fellows from the lab have gone on to pursue positions in
leading universities and the industry.

The laboratory is part of the Rehabilation Institute of Montreal ( ), member of an interdisciplinary research
consortium in the rehabilitation sciences in the Montreal metropolitan area
(CRIR). In addition, the laboratory is also affiliated with the Department
of Physiology at the University of Montreal (
) and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (
), with access to state-of-the-art facilities in Computational, Behavioral
and Cellular/molecular Neuroscience. Montreal is one of the most beautiful
cities of North America and home to interesting cultural and sporting
events. It is also very safe and reasonably inexpensive to live in.

Candidates with (or expecting) a PhD in Neuroscience, Experimental
Psychology, Biomechanics/Kinesiology, Biomedical Engineering or Robotics
with a good publication record, strong programming skills in C/C ++
(openGL, graphics development, VR), Matlab and/or Labview are encouraged to
apply with CV, copies of relevant reprints, two letters of recommendation
and transcripts to the address below.

Dr. Anatol G. Feldman, PhD, DSc
Research Centre
Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal
University of Montreal
6300 av. Darlington
Montreal, Quebec. CANADA H3S 2J4
Tel: (514) 340-2085 ext 2192
FAX: (514) 340-2149
email: ~afeldman

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