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Friction and anti-slip preoperties in bath rails

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  • Friction and anti-slip preoperties in bath rails

    Hello all,

    I am working in the technical aids section of the Institute of
    Biomechanics of Valencia (Spain). At this moment we are running some test
    with bath and grab rails in order to
    assess their performance.

    I am interested in knowing about some standarized procedures to test
    friction and
    sliping properties in the rails. I would apreciate if you could provide
    me some info about some standards or bibliography about the topic.

    We have designed a test for a circular tube with a foam and a sling.
    We apply a preload in A and B as shown on the picture

    | |
    A B

    Loads A & B are applied with a sling across a foam to the pipe.
    The foam is used to simulate the elasticity of the hand skin.
    When B begins to move down we score the load that has been added,
    and from this measurement we obtain the characterisation of the rail.

    I will send a recopilation of the answers.
    Thank you in advance,

    Ricard Barbera-Guillem
    Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia
    Institut de Biomecanica de Valencia

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