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First call for abstract : Biomecanical society

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  • First call for abstract : Biomecanical society


    XXVIIème Congrès de la

    12 et 13 septembre 2002
    September 12 & 13, 2002


    Important dates :

    31 March : deadline for submission of abstracts.
    15 May 02 : acceptance of the abstracts
    31 May 02 : deadline of corrected abstracts reception. Deadline for low
    price registration.
    12-13 September 2002 : congress.

    The president of the Société de Biomécanique and the Organizing Committee
    are pleased to invite you to Valenciennes, France, for the XXVIIth
    Congress of the Société de Biomécanique (SB).
    The 2 days program of the meeting include oral and poster presentations,
    debates, keynote speaker presentations. The congress is multidisciplinary
    and promotes the scientific work of young researchers from both official
    languages (French and English). Industrial partners will have the
    opportunity to demonstrate their equipments and products during the
    The two co-presidents of the congress will organise tours of Biomechanics
    Labs at the LAMIH. Finally, Valenciennes is a friendly and heart-warming
    city which will make you forget the cold and austere image that French
    northern towns often project.

    - Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering,
    - Articular and Bone Biomechanics,
    - Cardiac and Respiratory Biomechanics,
    - Cellular Biomechanics and Rheology,
    - Spine Biomechanics,
    - Locomotion Biomechanics,
    - Posture Biomechanics,
    - Impact Biomechanics,
    - Movement Biomechanics,
    - Muscle Biomechanics,
    - Sports Biomechanics,
    - Ergonomics and Rehabilitation.

    Abstracts submission.
    An abstract, preferably written in English, should be submitted in 3 copies
    and in an electronic version (word format) to the Secretariat by March, 31,
    2002. Its length should not exceed one page A4. The Scientific Committee
    will revise the abstracts. The notifications of acceptance will be sent on
    May, 15, 2002. Once accepted, and upon the reception of the payment of
    registration fees by May, 31, abstract will be published in a special
    edition of the indexed review "Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry",
    that will be sent to the congress participant The final program will be
    available on July 2002.

    Comité Organisateur/Organizing Committee

    Président : François Xavier Lepoutre,

    Membres / Members:
    Franck Barbier, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Bertrand Canaple, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Pascal Drazetic, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Cyril Garnier, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Anne Pascale Maquinghen, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Eric Markiewicz, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Antonio Pinti, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Philippe Pudlo, LAMIH, UVHC,
    Eric Watelain, LAMIH, UVHC.

    Comité Scientifique/Scientific Committee

    Président :Pascal Drazetic, LAMIH,


    Paul Allard, Université, Montréal
    Carl-Eric Aubin, École Polytechnique, Montréal
    Dominique Cesari, INRETS, Bron
    Laurence Cheze, Lab Méca, Villeurbanne
    Cécile Degallaix, UT, Compiègne
    Christine Detrembleur, Unité READ, Bruxelles
    Michel Fayet, INSA, Lyon
    Véronique Feipel, Lab Anatomie, Bruxelles
    Philippe Gorce, LGMPB, Cachan
    Daniel Isabey, INSERM, Créteil
    Patrick Lacouture, Université, Poitiers
    Jean-Yves Le Coz, LAB, Nanterre
    Ghislaine Lensel, LEMH, Lille
    François-Xavier Lepoutre, LAMIH, Valenciennes
    Eric Markiewicz, LAMIH, Valenciennes
    Bernard Maton, Lab Physio du Mvt, Orsay
    Christian Oddou, LMP, Paris
    Dominique Pioletti, EPFL, Lausanne
    Christian Ribreau, LGMPB, Cachan
    Régis Rieu, ESM2-IMT, Marseille
    Wafa Skalli, LBM, Paris
    André Thevenon, MPR-CHRU, Lille
    Jean-Pierre Verriest, INRETS, Bron
    Patrick Willems, UCL, Louvain la Neuve
    Conférenciers invités/Keynote speaker
    Daniel Chopin, chirurgien, Groupe Hopale, Berck
    Claude Got, Professeur de Médecine
    Eberhard Haug, directeur scientifique, ESI Software
    Yves Tessier, Chef du Département "Ergonomie et Interactions
    Homme/Machine", Renault

    ************************************************** *************************

    Eric WATELAIN, Ph.D.
    Faculté des Sciences et des Métiers du Sport
    Laboratoire d'Automatique et de Mécanique Industrielles et Humaines
    LAMIH - UMR CNRS 8530 - GR "Biomecanique"
    Université de Valenciennes
    59313 VALENCIENNES Cedex 9
    Tel FAX

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