Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

We can now congratulate ourselves on reaching the impressive
number of 800 subscribers. I would like to take this opportunity
to mention a few matters related to the administration of the

The incidence of failing addresses has actually decreased. That
is good news for the list moderators, who get all these bounced
mail messages in their mailbox. Keep up the good work! A low
error rate also allows us to spend more time helping to fix these
problems, rather than ruthlessly deleting every failing address
from the distribution list. This is how you can help:

- Sign off ('unsubscribe biomch-l') before your E-mail address
becomes non-functioning. This can happen when you move somewhere
else, your network address changes etc. Re-subscribe from your
new address. If you need help, notify one of the list
moderators. We prefer spending some time to help you, instead of
getting all these bounced messages.

- If you have not received any mail for a while, and suspect that
E-mail is not getting through, try to diagnose the problem and do
something about it. Typically, you could send a 'query biomch-l'
to LISTSERV to find out about the status of your subscription.
You should always get a reply. If not, LISTSERV obviously cannot
reach you and you should contact your local postmaster to fix the

When addresses fail consistently for several days, we usually set
the distribution option of that address to 'nomail'. It is your
own responsibility to re-activate your Biomch-L subscription
again, once your E-mail problems are over (send 'set biomch-l
mail' to LISTSERV). Today, I mailed a test message to all 60
subscribers who had the 'nomail' option set. The addresses that
failed to accept this test message were deleted from Biomch-L,
unless it was an address that started failing recently. I do
that every six months or so.

Further details can be obtained from the file BIOMCH-L GUIDE
(send the message 'get biomch-l guide' to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL

Thanks are due to the co-moderators Krystyna Gielo-Perczak
and Christoph Reinschmidt
, who have been taking care of the
error messages for Biomch-L during the past months.

Sorry for mentioning all these technicalities. Back to
biomechanics now.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator