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    Dear BIOMCH-L readers!

    Back from ISB-XII, I thought that the appended posting from the SPORTPSY list
    might also be of interest to BIOMCH-L. Following discussions about the list
    during ISB-XII at UCLA, the membership for BIOMCH-L is now well over 100, in-
    cluding one from Australia. At this time, all continents except South-America
    have BIOMCH-L subscribers (where Singapore is taken as part of Asia).

    Regards -- Herman J. Woltring.


    Date: Mon, 10 Jul 89 10:23:51 EDT
    Sender: Exercise and Sports Psychology
    From: "Michael L. Sachs"

    Greetings SPORTPSY members!

    In reading the latest issue of UPDATE (newspaper of AAHPERD -
    American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance), I
    noticed an interesting job announcement:

    "EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGIST: 1- to 2-year position to develop a
    national health/fitness program for the YMCA of the USA.
    Doctorate in exercise psychology or health psychology required
    as well as excellent writing skills. Position entails developing
    manuals, tests, and an incentive system. Relocation to Champaign,
    Illinois, required. Non-smokers send cover letter and resume to
    Personnel Director, YMCA Program Store, Box 5077, Champaign, IL

    This looks like an exciting opportunity for someone. The
    program is part of the overall operation of Human Kinetics Publishers, the
    top sport sciences publishers in the world. Please circulate to your
    colleagues or reply yourself if you're interested.

    More exercise and sport psychology news as it appears. Hope
    you're having a great summer.

    Sincerely, your list leader,

    Michael Sachs