The commercial company, eMotion S.r.l., a company linked to the University of Padova, is supporting a research project of 12 months duration (with the possibility of a further 12 months if requested and justified) by giving Smart, the optoelectronic movement analysis equipment it produces, on loan to the researcher's laboratory for the duration of the programme. In addition, a travel grant of Euro1000 will be available to the researcher for presenting the programme results at an International Conference.
Smart is based on the latest technology, includes six cameras (50 fps) and uses dynamic calibration.
The award is available as a prize to a European applicant less than 31 years of age, and will be given on the basis of a proposal for an original research programme in the field of human movement analysis.
Candidates should submit their CV and research programme proposal, (not exceeding 1000 words in length), via e-mail to In addition, a letter, signed by the person responsible for the Institution where the Smart system is to be installed, which gives an assurance that both physical space and resources are available for the completion of the programme, should be sent to eMotion S.r.l.

The deadline for application submissions is 30 November, 2001.
Applications will be reviewed by a panel of three international experts (Aurelio Cappozzo - Rome, Italy; John Paul - Glasgow, Scotland; David Winter - Waterloo, Canada). The successful candidate will be selected by 31 December. The Smart system will then be installed in the winners laboratory by 31 January 2002, with the technical support of eMotion.

A progress report on the research work will be published on this web site every six months.

For further information please mail to or visit

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