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Seeking doctoral candidates with a background in engineering.

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  • Seeking doctoral candidates with a background in engineering.

    The Fenn College of Engineering at Cleveland State University (CSU), together
    with the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Cleveland Clinic is
    offering full scholarships for selected students entering the interdisciplinary Doctor of
    Engineering program at CSU. The area of specialization is "applied biomedical
    engineering", and the focus is on doctoral students who wish to work in the
    areas of:
    1. medical device and/or software development,
    2. biomechanics,
    3. biomaterials,
    4. micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS),
    5. tissue engineering,
    6. drug delivery,
    7. cardiac mechanics and
    8. medical imaging.

    Students for the new specialization will be admitted this coming Fall 2002
    semester. It is expected that they will have BS and/or MS degrees in
    engineering prior to being admitted into the program. It is anticipated
    students in this program will perform research at the Cleveland Clinic
    and/or CSU facilities depending on the specific research project.
    The CCF and CSU campuses are 10 minutes driving distance
    apart, and on a well-utilized and frequent city bus route.

    The faculty involved have an average level of research funding exceeding
    $500,000 per annum and are actively seeking students for their research
    projects. They are listed at the web site

    More information about this initiative can be found at the web site

    For personal inquires about the specialization and financial aid
    opportunities please contact:

    Regards, Brian Davis

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