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    Dear all,

    Last week I posted the following message and I am now pleased to share with you the responses obtained.

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a pressure sensor that can measure very low pressure in the range of 2 gramme force ( 0.028 psi). It will be used to measure intra occular pressure of the cornea over an applanation area of diameter 3-4 mm. I'd be glad to receive contact details of suppliers for this type of sensor.

    Many thanks.


    Rajshree Mootanah
    Research Fellow
    Bioengineering Research Group - DaCS
    Anglia Polytechnic University
    Victoria Road South
    CM1 1LL
    Tel: (44) 1245 493131 ext 3316 / 3028
    Fax: (44) 1245 252646

    Dear Mr. Mootanah,

    yesterday I found your request on the internet. My name is Jörg Eggers and
    work for Samba Sensors AB.

    Samba provides a small pressure device, that may be suitable for your use.
    The device is only 0.42 mm in diameter and is available in different
    pressure ranges. Typically -50 to 150 mbar, -50 to 250 mbar. Sampling
    speed: up to 3000 Hz (samples/second). The sensor is manufactured in
    silicon and is pure optical, thus free from all electricity.

    Please have a look on our web page for more information:

    You find my coordinates in the remainder of this mail.

    It would be grear to hear your opiniion.

    Yours sincerely

    Jörg Eggers

    Samba Sensors AB
    Första Långgatan 26
    413 28 Göteborg
    Tel: +49 173 610 51 01 (german phone number)
    Fax: +49 173 610 51 37
    Cellular: +49 173 610 51 01

    Hi Raj,

    I just checked MEDLINE using the keywords
    intraoccular pressure AND sensor.
    There were 33 references. It seems many people are building these sensors, even telemetric ones! Maybe try to contact them?

    Jan Herman Kuiper


    Just a hint to help in your search. It sounds like you are looking a device
    to measure the force required to produce a certain deformation of the cornea
    or a device to measure the displacement under a given force. One may be
    easier to find than the other. My girlfriend works in the eye and I will ask
    her what she uses to measure intra occular pressure.
    Good luck,

    /************************************************** **
    Christopher J. Poletto, Ph.D.
    Biomedical Engineer
    Laryngeal and Speech Section
    Medical Neurology Branch, NINDS
    National Institutes of Health
    Building 10, Room 5D38
    10 Center Drive, MSC 1416
    Bethesda, MD 20892-1416

    Phone: (301) 402-1496
    FAX: (301) 480-0803


    Hello Raj,

    Try the following site, they might have/sell what you're looking for:

    unfortunely, the site is only in Dutch, and I don't have any personal
    experience with the firm (except for a demonstration of some of there
    sensors), but they have quite a range of sensors from several manufacturers:

    On the home-page find the hyperlink DRUK beneath the word SENSOREN
    this will lead you to a page with several links to documentation in English.

    If you need any more help you're welcome

    Good luck,



    Try Honeywell/Microswitch transducers.....
    Very stable, low noise, low cost.

    Bill Noffsinger, Chief Technologist
    Department of Pulmonary Physiology
    Respiratory Sleep Disorders
    Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
    NEDLANDS, Western Australia, 6009
    Phone:+61-8-9346-3756 Fax:+61-8-9346-2034


    Hi Raj!
    How are you?
    Are you coming to Rome this week?
    I bought some pressure sensors from Entran (01923 893999). I
    don't know if they make any sensitive enough for your purposes, but
    they are probably a good place to start. They make a lot of
    miniature load cells as well.
    Hopefully I'll see you on Wednesday,

    Dr. Sam Evans,
    Medical Engineering Group,
    Cardiff University School of Engineering,
    PO Box 685, The Parade,
    Cardiff CF24 3TA, UK.
    Tel. (029) 20 876 876 or (029) 2087 4533
    Fax. (029) 2087 4939

    You have to specify the area over which this force will be applied. I
    would say your best bet will be to contact Novel. They might be
    able to custom make a censor for you. There web site and contact
    details is:

    It is not going to be easy though!!


    Try this website:

    The company is world precision instruments. Model 900A Micropressure
    If you buy it, let me know how it works for you, because I am thinking of
    getting one to meassure pressure in a single cell.

    Also if you find anythng else in your search, I would be delighted to know
    of it.
    ************************************************** ******
    Nilay Mukherjee
    Assistant Professor
    Departments of Orthopedics and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV 26506-9196
    Ph: (304) 293-1075
    Fax: (304) 293-7070


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