Biological Mechanics Network 2001
Thursday 15 November, Oswestry (Shropshire)

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Session 1: Computer experiments

The effect of simplified loading on the strain distribution inside the human
femur, Krisztina Polgár1, H.S. Gill1, M. Viceconti2, D.W. Murray1, J.J.
O'Connor1, 1University of Oxford, 2Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli, Bologna,

Finite element analysis glenoid component version in total shoulder
A. Hopkins U. Hansen T.Kaufler A.Hassan, Imperial College of Science,
Technology and Medicine, London

Finite element analysis on the performance ranges of an implanted knee, K.
H. Tan, A. New, M. Taylor, University of Southampton

Numerical simulation of the fracture healing in long bones, J.M. García1,
J.H. Kuiper2,3, M. Doblaré1, J.B. Richardson2,3 and M.J. Gómez1, 1University
of Zaragoza, Spain, 2RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry, 3Keele University

The effect of surgical variance on the kinematics and contact pressures of
the FS1000 total knee replacement, L. A. Knight1, A. Taylor2, and M.
Taylor1, University of Southampton, 2Finsbury (Development) Ltd,
Leatherhead, Surrey


Session 2: Computer and laboratory experiments

The development and testing of a new device for managing periprosthetic
fractures of the femur JM Vandermeulen1, A Mohsen2, P Gillespie2 J Bradley3,
MJ Fagan1, 1University of Hull, 2Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
3Orthodynamics Ltd., Christchurch.

Patient specific finite element models - validation of the models, D J
Siddall1, A Mohsen2, P Gillespie2, and M J Fagan1, 1University of Hull,
2Hull and E Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust

Investigations into bone remodelling processes and their effect on the
mechanical properties of bone, CA Dobson1, G Sisias2, R Phillips1, CM
Langton1, MJ Fagan1, 1University of Hull, 2University of Bradford

Session 3: Laboratory experiments

The development of 'plastic' and elastic strains in fatigue of femoral
cortical bone: a possible contributor to implant failure, K. Winwood1, P.
Zioupos1, J. Cotton2, M. Taylor2, 1Cranfield University, Shrivenham
2University of Southampton

The effect of hydrostatic pressure gradient on the mode of inflation and
deflation of an intra-aortic balloon, AW Khir, S, Price, C Hall, D Young, KH
Parker and J Pepper, Imperial College of Science and technology, London

Characterisation of a substitute material to model cancellous bone in in
vitro migration studies, Vinu Palissery, Mark Taylor and Martin Browne,
University of Southampton


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