Dear Readers,

I am moderating BIOMCH-L this month and unfortunately the University of
Brighton e-mail service was down from Saturday morning until Monday evening.
I have cleared the backlog, but there may be more messages trickling in,
which I will deal with ASAP. Please be patient if you have submitted
anything to BIOMCH-L.

Apologies to all who submitted this weekend for the delays. If your message
has not been distributed in the next 12 hours, please re-submit it.


Drew Smith, PhD
Co-Moderator, BIOMCH-L

Senior Research Fellow
Clinical Research Centre for Health Professions
The University of Brighton
Aldro Building, 49 Darley Road
Eastbourne BN20 7UR United Kingdom

Voice: (01273) 643457 Int'l: +44 1273
Human Movement Laboratory: (01273) 643767 Int'l: +44 1273 643767
FAX: (01273) 643944 Int'l: +44 1273

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