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I am looking for models on wound ballistics (penetrating trauma).

For the majority of existing mathematical wound ballistic models the
attention is focussed on the military performance degradation of the soldier
due to injuries, expressed in terms such as the probability of kill.
However, the medical consequences of an injury become more and more
important, especially when interested in civilian wound ballistics.

I do have some information of the following models
* ComputerMan (USA)
* MIC (France)
* WB2D (TimberWolf Consulting Services, W. Crucq)
* 3D Computer Graphic model (by Wind, G., Finley, R.W., Norman, M.R.
1988, Journal of Trauma 28 Jan. S16-20 )

My questions are:
I am looking for literature/information of the France MIC model.
I am looking for other models on wound ballistics (penetrating trauma)
Are there research groups working on modelling penetrating trauma?

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