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FW: Biomech YP Update--U.S. Diving

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  • FW: Biomech YP Update--U.S. Diving

    This is a resubmission.

    J S Kocar
    Engineered documentation for the Biomed/Biotech industry

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    Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 5:24 PM
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    Subject: Biomech YP Update--U.S. Diving

    This notice is provided courtesy of the Biomch-L. Attached is a recent update to
    the Biomechanics Yellow Pages (BYP), a free, volunteer maintained site. For more
    information about the BYP, please see below.

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    U.S. Diving
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

    Biomechanics of Competitive Diving, A U.S. Diving Reference Manual by author
    Doris I. Miller, Ph.D. with contributions by Maurice R. Yeadon, Ph.D. and Gerald
    S. George, Ph.D. and video illustrations by Aleksandra Zecevic is published by
    (C) United States Diving, 2000.

    The manual is a research based text written for U.S. Diving's Coach Development
    Program and undergraduate and graduate sport biomechanics courses. It can also
    serve as a reference manual for physical education teachers, aquatics
    specialists, athletic trainers, sports physical therapists and other sports
    medicine practitioners.

    Throughout, the text demonstrates biomechanical principles and applications
    using examples specific to the sport of competitive diving. The text presents
    the coach with a guided tour of the biomechanical considerations involved in
    making informed coaching decisions. This is accomplished through the
    presentation of key biomechanical concepts that coaches should know, building
    blocks to help coaches understand the physical principles and practical
    applications to enable coaches to apply knowledge of biomechanics as it relates
    to the sport of competitive diving. The text is replete with video images of
    exemplary dives performed in national and international competitions.

    An overview of functional anatomy is tailored specifically for competitive
    diving movements. Ten focus topics integral to the coaching of competitive
    diving are included in the manual: forces acting on the diver, muscle force and
    functional anatomy, hand balance, flight-linear motion, flight-angular motion,
    platform takeoffs, springboard response, springboard takeoffs, entries, and

    Contact: Janet L Gabriel
    Position: Director-Safety, Education and Development
    Address: International Swimming Hall of Fame
    One Hall of Fame Dr.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
    Phone: 954-462-6536 x213
    Fax: 954-525-4031
    Last Update: 10/29/2001

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    The BYP lists companies that offer biomechanics-related products and services.
    As you know, these companies may not post commercial announcements directly to
    Biomch-L. However, new BYP listings and updates (no more than once per year)
    are posted to Biomch-L by the maintainer of the BYP or the Biomch-L moderator.

    The yellow pages and information on how to submit can be found at

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    e-mail to filter these messages into a folder or automatically deleted. They all
    begin with "Biomech YP Update-".

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    Joy Kocar
    Engineered documentation for the Medical Device/Biomed/Biotech communities

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