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Creating useable AVI files w/ JVC high-speed camcorder?

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  • Creating useable AVI files w/ JVC high-speed camcorder?

    Dear biomechanicists,

    We dispose of a JVC camcorder (model DVL-9800) that has the option of
    recording at a highest speed of 200 fps (it is a PAL version). When
    doing this, the image size is only a quarter of full-size (limiting
    resolution), but nevertheless it is very useful for field work.
    However, when we grab the recorded sequences (using a Canopus EZDV
    board), the resulting AVI file does not consist of the expected number
    of frames (200) but of 25 frames that are interlaced and have "frames"
    consisting of a mosaic of four subsequent recorded frames. In this way,
    eight frames are recorded as one.
    However, for analysis we need AVI files consisting of a true 200 fps
    time resolution. Therefore, I think we need a utility program that:

    1. reads the original AVI of 25 fps;
    2. de-interlaces the frames into two fields, each consisting of 4
    subsequent images, resulting in a 50 fps file;
    3. splits these frames into four, resulting in a 200 fps file;
    4. saves this file as a new AVI that can be opened in commercial
    analysis software.

    Could such utility be written as a macro (e.g. in Adobe Premiere), or is
    elaborate programming necessary?

    Thank you very much in advance,

    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    dr. Kristiaan D'Aout
    University of Antwerp (U.I.A.) Tel. ++32-3-820.22.69
    Department of Biology Fax. ++32-3-820.22.71
    Functional Morphology Lab mail:
    Universiteitsplein 1
    2610 Antwerpen, Belgium
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

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