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Summary: Visual Basic and NI A/D Board

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  • Summary: Visual Basic and NI A/D Board

    Dear Readers,

    Last month I posted a request for assistance in programming a NI PC516 board
    using Visual Basic. Several readers assisted me, including one who sent me
    some code to try. In summary, I discovered that one can use the NI-DAQ
    drivers and sample Visual Basic code to programme NI boards independent of
    using NI software such as LabView or Measurement Studio. Note that this is
    true for versions 6.8 or higher of NI-DAQ. This software is available free
    from the NI website ( Visual Basic sample code for several
    different possible applications can optionally be downloaded with NI-DAQ.
    As well, it is possible to use other software, including Matlab, C++, etc to
    programme the board once you have NI-DAQ.

    In addition, it was pointed out to me that the software that came with our
    A/D board, although designed to record EMG, can also be used to collect any
    analogue signal provided it is not larger than 5.0V p-p.


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