Here is my original posting and summary of replies. Thanks to all
those who responded. Thanks also to Neil Mansfield and Kevin Ball.

Hello All,
> Gloves are often required to improve grip and / or improve safety but
> they reduce the tactile perceptibility of the fingers. They may also
> reduce the dexterity of the hands with respect to performing
> fine motor
> tasks if the glove material is bulky or poorly tailored.
> Has anyone developed (or have any ideas about) an objective means of
> comparing the relative performance of various gloves in terms
> of finger
> tactility and / or manual dexterity? Do you know of anyone who may
> have knowledge in this area?

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Dr. Frank Emrich" :

Hi Mark,

responding your question concerning the use of gloves, you will find a
short summary and good references in: Chaffin, D.B.; Andersson, G.B.J.;
Martin, B.J.: Occupational Biomechanics, Third Edition. John Wiley &
Inc., p. 449-450 (1999). Particularly he points out:

Putz-Anderson, V.: Cumulative trauma disorders: A manual for
musculoskeletal diseases of the upper limbs. Taylor & Francis,

Riley, M.W.; Cochran, D.J.; Schanbacher, C.A.: Force capability
due to gloves. Ergonomics, 28 (2), 441-447 (1985).

Mital, A.; Kuo, T.; Faard, H.F.: A quantitative evaluation of gloves
with non-powered hand tools in routine maintenance tasks. Ergonomics, 37
(2), 333-343 (1994).

Additionally we would be interested in your results as we developed a
mathematical model of the fingers to calculate the force transmission at
the participating biological structures.

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George Torrens :

I have just given a paper on glove
evaluation and development at the International Soldier System
Bath. Some of your colleagues were there, Mr David Goyne gave a paper.

Mr Goyne should have a copy of my paper, but if you'd like more
and other associated papers I can put them in the post.

What isn't covered in the paper is that I've developed ways of
gloves to optimise fit, haptic and dexterity performance.

I'm also about to start working with Will Tutton and Emma Westwood, R&PS
(formerly part of DLO and DTCA befrore that). Emma's my current project
manager for the handwear. Will and Emma want me to look at concept
for footwear and technology demonstrators.

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"Justin Keogh" :

Dear Mark,

You could use von Frey filaments to test tactile sensitivity, as they
are used by neurolgists / GP's for this. Depending on the glove size
and make, von Frey filaments may not be able to be felt at all

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Kelly Cole :

I seem to remember a study by Kinoshita examining changes in fingertip
forces during manipulation from different glove thicknesses.

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"Poletto, Chris (NINDS)" :

I know that NASA did a lot of this research some years ago because of
of bulky space suit gloves on manual dexterity. They may have ongoing
research as well. I do not have the particulars in front of me, but
this might point you in the right direction. The other thing you may
wish to
look at would be activities of daily living (ADL) tasks that have been
developed to evaluate disability in CNS damaged patient populations. One
such paper is:

Wijman CA, Stroh KC, Van Doren CL, Thrope GB, Peckham PH, Keith MW.
Functional evaluation of quadriplegic patients using a hand
Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1990 Dec;71(13):1053-7.

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Stavdahl √ėyvind :

some of the aspects of gloves that you mention are very relevant for
so-called "cosmetic gloves" for hand prostheses, i.e. the
prosthesis "skin".
This is especially true for factors such as friction and resistance top
deformation, the latter whish drastically influences the energy
of the prosthesis. Therefore you might want to cross-post your request
the OANDP-L list at . Many members of that
list are researchers and practitians in theprosthetics field.
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