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    Dear Todd,

    I am a member of fitness database work-group in Japanese national project.
    Now we are making a total fitness databse system. In this work-group,
    fitness means not only physical parameters, but also muscle strength,
    flexibility, endurance abilities, and so on. Whole parameters which define
    athletes performances.

    BUT, it is now underconstruction. Nobody access the databse by internet
    now. Maybe it will take one year or more. If it will be opened, we will
    announce that.

    Best regards,

    At 16:20 02/01/07 +0100, Todd Anderson wrote:
    >Hi all. I'm working on a project that is requiring us to estimate
    >approximately how strong the average Japanese person is compared to an
    >average American. Does anyone know of any reliable sources of Japanese
    >strength data?
    >As a side question, does anyone have any good ideas of how I can go about
    >making this kind of estimation?
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