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    You may want to check out a data source available from the Department and
    Trade Industry in the UK... it is called "Adultdata: The Handbook of Adult
    Anthropometric and Strength Measurements" (by L. Peebles and B. Norris).
    This document has a wide variety of strength data for men and women (across
    multiple nationalities). It can be ordered for free at .

    Best of luck,
    Todd Anderson

    >From: Wijnand Diemer
    >Reply-To: Wijnand Diemer
    >Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Help
    >Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 15:15:49 +0100
    >Currently I'm doing research in biomechanics/ dynamics on how users can
    >pump surfacewater for
    >drinking purposes with a hand- or footpump, only problem is that I can't
    >find sufficient data on force exertion
    >and endurance for p50 women (caucasian). The posture I'm looking for is the
    >same as occuring in pumping air into
    >a bicycletyre. Does somebody know some practical research done on this or
    >similar subjects?
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