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application of strain gauges to screw head

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  • application of strain gauges to screw head

    Hello to the group,

    Our lab is beginning an investigation into the screw/rod strain in anterior
    spinal constructs during typical loading conditions of the spine. I have
    accessed the biomch-l archives on my following question but gained little
    information other than preferred suppliers of strain gauge instrumentation.
    I have also seen abstracts/publications on this topic but without the key
    piece of information. How does one actually get the gauge on the screw

    The screw head is part of the 5.0mm Moss-Miami system developed by Depuy
    Acromed. The diameter is 10.75mm and the actual width for application is
    3.25mm. We are using the Measurements Group system with their application
    tools. We have tried different types of gauges with a variety of
    alignments. We have met with little success. I am at the point of trying a
    spray adhesive for this application since the method of cyanoacrylate
    applied under adhesive tape will not keep the gauge on the steel (316
    stainless I believe).

    Have the people with experience with this application used a
    different/custom technique? Are there effective spray adhesives for this
    application? Have I missed literature that explains this portion of the

    With kind regards and summary email to follow,


    Andrew Mahar, MS
    Orthopedic Biomechanics Research Center Children's Hospital
    - San Diego
    3020 Children's Way
    San Diego, CA
    P: 858-495-4975 "I drank what???"
    F: 858-614-7494 -Last words of Socrates

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