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Invitation to organize 2005 ISB

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  • Invitation to organize 2005 ISB

    ************************************************** *************************

    ************************************************** *************************

    Persons or groups interested in organizing an International Congress
    on Biomechanics are invited to prepare and submit a formal proposal to
    the International Society of Biomechanics Executive Council through
    the President-Elect. Included in the proposal should be detailed
    information about the following aspects:

    1. Organizer
    Describe research interests and activities of the proposed
    organizer(s) and explain, why you desire to organize the Congress.
    Provide a description of your institution or department with its
    principal areas of research.
    2. Dates
    Indicate the exact dates proposed for the Congress. Careful
    consideration should be given to university vacation periods in major
    countries, and the attractiveness of visiting your part of the world
    at that time of the year.
    3. Support
    Outline your sources of financial support such as government,
    university, institutes, industry, sports organizations, etc. If
    possible enclose a letter of support from the chair of your Department,
    Institute Director, President of the University or a similar official.
    Add a list of professional organizations willing to sponsor the
    4. Personnel
    Provide evidence of the availability of organizational personnel such
    as secretaries, housing co-ordinators, business managers,etc.
    5. Budget
    Submit a provisional budget including the major financial
    arrangements. Indicate the estimated congress fee for participation
    of members and nonmembers and list the activities included by this
    6. Facilities
    Provide details of the following:
    a) Housing. Type and approximate cost of accommodation, proximity to
    Congress meeting place.
    b) Meals. Location and cost.
    c) Meeting rooms. Number of meeting rooms available for the congress,
    audio-visual systems, capacity of rooms, etc.
    d) Recreational facilities available to participants. Sport fields,
    swimming pool, running track, exercise room, gymnasium, etc.
    e) Book and equipment exhibit area(s). Possibilities for book and
    equipment exhibitions.
    f) Research laboratories, planned tours, demonstrations, etc.
    7. Travel arrangements
    Outline the different ways to travel to the Congress, by air, train,
    bus, boat, private car, etc. Name candidates for official travel
    agency and airline, if appropriate. Make provision for travel
    assistance to participants during the congress.
    8. Advertisements
    Detail your plans for promoting and advertising the Congress.
    9. Reviewing
    Describe your plans for the reviewing of submitted abstracts and
    the preparation of the Book of Abstracts.
    10. Publication
    Indicate your plans for editing of manuscripts and for publication of
    the key-note and award-winning papers.
    11. Activities
    Mention the historical and cultural activities available to
    participants during or after the conference. Also include your plans
    for special programs for accompanying persons.
    12. Climate
    Describe the climate to be expected in the area and for the period of
    the proposed Congress.

    Two copies of the proposal should be submitted by April 1, 2002 to:

    Mary Rodgers, PhD, PT
    Professor and Chair
    Dept. of Physical Therapy
    University of Maryland School of Medicine
    100 Penn Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201
    (410) 706-5658
    Fax: (410) 706-4903

    Descriptive brochures and other helpful information material should be
    included. Each proposal will be reviewed and compared
    to other proposals by members of the Executive Council of ISB. The final
    decision will be made by the Council of ISB during
    its annual meeting, in July of 2002.

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