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Undergraduate Fellowships at the Mayo Clinic

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  • Undergraduate Fellowships at the Mayo Clinic

    The Mayo Clinic is now accepting applications for its Summer Undergraduate
    Research Fellowship (SURF) program. This program is for students who see
    themselves as research scientists of the future. It is particularly suited
    for those who want to do research that has the ultimate goal of improving
    medical treatments. Each year, 70-80 undergraduates from around the U.S.
    come to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to work with investigators on a
    broad array of biomedical research questions. Approximately ten fellowships
    are also available at Mayo's sites in Scottsdale, Arizona and Jacksonville,
    Florida. Mayo's SURF program provides more than just work experience in a
    lab. As a SURF fellow you will:
    * Conduct a small research project of work on part of an ongoing
    research investigation for 10 weeks
    * Develop technical, analytical and communication skills
    * Participate in a weekly seminar series that introduces rapidly
    progressing research areas
    * Acquire in-depth knowledge related to a scientific field
    * Receive advising on applying to PhD, MD and MD/PhD programs.
    A stipend of $4,000 for 10 weeks is provided. From this stipend, students
    are responsible for their own travel, housing and meals. Most students live
    together in convenient summer student apartments which cost about $75/week.

    More information is available at

    The applications for this fellowship can be submitted online and are due

    Questions related to the application process and the program in general can
    be directed to:
    Glenda Mueller
    Program Assistant

    Scientific or more specific questions can be directed to:
    Richard McGee, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs
    Fax: 507-284-0999

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