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2 Phd positions for engineers m/f in (Bio-) Mechatronic design ofrobotic gait trainer

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  • 2 Phd positions for engineers m/f in (Bio-) Mechatronic design ofrobotic gait trainer

    2 Phd positions for engineers m/f in (Bio-) Mechatronic design of robotic
    gait trainer
    Vacancy (no. 02/001)

    The goal of the LOPES project is to develop and evaluate a robotic gait
    trainer to support the gait training of patients who are not able to
    walk independently anymore and who need an intensive training program with
    the aim to walk independently again. Existing gait training programs are
    labour intensive and physical demanding for the therapists. With the
    availability of LOPES it is expected that the gait training of the patients
    become less labour intensive and physical demanding for the physical
    therapists. As a result the intensity of the training program can be
    increased which is
    known to increase the functional recovery of the patients. The development
    of LOPES is granted by the NWO 'vernieuwingsimpuls' in 2001. The project
    will start in January 2002 with a senior researcher and two Phd-students.

    We are looking for two Phd-students for the mechatronic design of the
    robotic gait trainer. The first PhD student will focus on the mechanical
    design aspects. Important aspects of this design will be the development
    of special actuators and the exoskeleton in order to achieve a safe and
    humanoid interaction between LOPES and the patient. The other student
    will focus his of her work on the design and evaluation of various control
    algorithms that will control LOPES in such a way that only those aspects
    of the gait pattern will be supported that are impeded. The control
    algorithms have to interact in synergy with the motor control of the
    patients in
    such a way that an optimal training effect will be obtained. Both PhD
    have to work together especially when the robotic gait trainer will be
    on healthy subjects and patients. Both PhD projects are very challenging
    and innovative. In general the goal of the LOPES project is very ambitious
    from both a technical as well as a clinical perspective. You are expected to
    be highly motivated and committed to achieve those goals with the help of
    the others members of the research team. The LOPES project will be done at
    the faculty of Engineering Technology in close collaboration with the
    faculty of Electrical Engineering, BAAT Engineering Inc and with the clinic
    and the
    R&D of Rehabilitation Centre 'Het Roessingh'.

    You are an excellent and enthusiastic scientist with creative ideas and
    an interest in clinical questions. Preferably, you are an Electrical,
    Physical or Mechanical Engineer, or Computer scientist. Knowledge in the
    area of
    robotics and mechatronics is highly desirable. You have good writing and
    verbal skills in the English language. You have affinity with practical
    work and multidisciplinary cooperation.

    You will be fulltime appointed for a period of four years, at the end of
    which you must have completed a PhD thesis. During this period you will
    work in a challenging and exciting teaching and research environment which
    gives space for your ideas and initiatives. Your salary in accordance with
    Dutch Universities Collective Labour Agreement ranges from EUR 1.445,-
    gross pro month in the first year to EUR 2.063,- gross in the fourth year.
    (accordance salary scale 01-02-2002). Pro month you will receive a bonus
    called 'bindingspremie' of EUR 318 during the first year, EUR 227 during
    the second year and EUR 137 during the third year. On top of this a
    subvention scheme for additional benefits and special expenditures applies.

    Information and applications
    For further information you can contact H. van der Kooij, phone
    +31 53 489 47 79 (e-mail: Relevant internet
    pages are:;;
    Send your written application together with your curriculum vitae within
    two weeks to the University of Twente, attn. H.J. Grootenboer,
    Dean of Engineering Technology, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The
    Netherlands, quoting vacancy number 02/001. Herman van der Kooij

    Institute for Biomedical Technology, BMTI
    University of Twente - WB-BW, P.O. Box 217
    7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands (email)
    +31-53-4894779 (voice work)
    +31-06-51593710 (mobile)
    +31-53-4893695 (fax)

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