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TENTH ANNUAL pre-ORS; February 9th, 2002 Dallas

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  • TENTH ANNUAL pre-ORS; February 9th, 2002 Dallas


    February 9th, 2002

    UT Southwestern Medical Center
    Auditorium, North Campus
    Dallas, Texas

    - Final Announcement -



    Sponsord by:
    Rice University
    University of Texas - Soutwestern Medical Center at Dallas
    University of Texas - at Arlington
    Orthopaedic Research Society, Education and Special Projects Commitee

    Texas Back Institute
    DePuy Inc.
    Advanced Neuromodulation Systems
    Medtronic Midas Rex
    MicroFAB Technologies

    This is the last announcement for the Tenth Annual pre-ORS Symposium on
    Computational Methods in Orthopaedic Biomechanics. This meeting will be
    held on Saturday, February 9, 2002 at the University of Texas
    Southwestern in Dallas, Texas, preceding the Annual Meeting of the
    Orthopaedic Research Society.

    Since its inception in 1993, this symposium has provided a more informal
    setting where graduate students and/or recent graduates have presented
    their recent and on-going computational work related to orthopaedic
    biomechanics. The audience has also included senior researchers in the
    field. This meeting has been a very valuable educational experience by
    providing a forum for open discussion and sharing of ideas.

    This symposium is being sponsored by industry, and registration is free.
    However, attendance is limited and we do request that you pre-register
    via email as soon as possible, or at least by January 31, so that we can
    plan the event.

    To pre-register simply send a message to with:
    * your name,
    * your affiliation
    or register online at:

    Registration and participation is free of charge.

    Location: The symposium will be held in the Simmons Biomedical Research
    Building on the North Campus at the University of Texas - Southwestern.
    Presentations will be in the Auditorium NB02.100A. The North Campus is
    located approximately 25 min. from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and 10 min.
    from Dallas Love Field.

    The final program for the symposium can be downloaded at:

    Conference get-together after the symposium

    Venue UT Southwestern Medical Center
    North Campus, Auditorium
    Dallas, Texas

    Beginning Saturday, February 9, 8:00 AM
    Ending Saturday, February 9, 4:15 PM
    Get-together Saturday, February 9, 5:00 PM

    Information Rice University

    If you have further questions, please send an email to

    We look forward to seeing you at the symposium!

    The Symposium Committee

    If you think you have registered but don't find your name listed below
    please register again, also, if not all of your information is shown
    (First Name, Last Name, and Affiliation).
    Robert Adamson-- Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Scott Anderson-- EnduraTEC Systems Corporation
    Alireza Asgari-- Institute of Advanced Technology
    Rosalynn Avakian-- Boston University
    Joel Bach-- University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
    Gamal Baroud-- McGill University
    Harun Bayraktar-- University of California, Berkeley
    Christina Beardsley-- University of Iowa
    Benjamin Bourne-- Cornell University
    Nick Brown-- University of Texas at Austin
    Stephen Brown-- UT Medical Branch
    Thomas D. Brown-- University of Iowa
    William L. Buford-- UT Medical Branch
    Danny Z. Chen-- University of Notre Dame
    Eric Chu-- Legacy Clinical Research Center
    Yang (David) Dai-- University of Iowa
    Fazilat Dar-- University of Aberdeen
    Haut Donahue-- ?
    Steve Eggleston-- UT Medical Branch
    Louis Ferreira-- University of Western Ontario
    Ken Fischer-- University of Kansas
    Thomas Gardner-- Columbia University
    Nils Goetzen-- Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
    Nicole Grosland-- The University of Iowa
    David Gushue-- University of Rochester
    Scott Hazelwood-- UC Davis
    Christopher J. Hernandez-- The Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Richard E. Hughes-- University of Michigan
    Timo Jamsa-- University of Oulu
    Yoon Hyuk Kim-- Johns Hopkins University
    Rami Korhonen-- University of Kuopio
    Victor Kosmopoulos-- The University of Vermont
    Ken Kozloff-- University of Michigan
    Mikko Laasanen-- University of Kuopio
    Kristin Lage-- Texas Christian University
    Ledet--Albany Medical College
    William R. Ledoux-- University of Washington
    Amy Lerner-- University of Rochester
    L.P. Li-- Parc Scientifique et de Haute Technologie
    Chaodi Li-- University of Notre Dame
    Guoan Li-- Harvard Medical School
    Andres Marin-- Hospital prov Pinar del Rio Cuba
    Mario Malfatti-- Facultad de Medicina Univ de Buenos Aires
    Li Yuan Mi-- The City College of New York
    Michael Morlock-- Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
    Randal Morris-- The University of Texas Medical Branch
    Ephrat Most-- MIT
    Nilay Mukherjee-- West Virginia University
    Raghu Natarajan-- Rush-Presbyterian-St.Luke Medical Center
    Ara Nazarian-- Beth Israel and Harvard Medical School
    Glen L. Niebur-- The University of Notre Dame
    Jeffry Nyman-- University of California Davis
    Vibor Paravic-- Institute of Orthopedic Research and Education
    Rita Patterson-- University of Texas Medical Branch
    Douglas Pedersen-- University of Iowa
    Mark Peterman—The Pennsylvania State University
    L. Pianalto-- University of Calgary
    Christian M. Puttlitz-- UC San Francisco
    Yixian Qin -- SUNY Stony Brook
    Karen Reed-- University of Iowa
    Roland Ruimerman-- Eindhoven University of Technology
    Simo Saarakkala-- Kuopio University Hospital
    Sandra Shefelbine-- Stanford University
    Charles J. Schwertner-- UT Medical Branch
    J. Seebeck-- AO Research Institute
    Amy Sidwell—Queen’University
    Yuhua Song-- University of Pittsburgh
    Kit Stewart-- University of Iowa
    Ian Stokes-- University of Vermont
    Jan Stolk-- University of Nijmegen
    Kay Sun-- Rice University
    Andrea Tami-- Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    Alistair Templeton-- Rice University
    F. Tirbois-- University of Leeds
    Ken-Ichi Tsubota-- ?
    Juha Tuukkanen-- University of Oulu
    Kirsten Tulchin-- Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
    Juha Toeyraes-- University of Kuopio
    Marjolein C H van der Meulen-- Cornell University
    Suyambulingam Veerabagu-- National University of Singapore
    Adriana Vega-- University of Miami
    Lam Wai Nga-- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Cari Whyne-- University of Toronto
    Bryan Wilk-- Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
    Jamie Ryan Williams-- University of Illinois at Chicago
    Wouter Wilson-- Eindhoven University of Technology
    John Wu-- National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
    Hai Yao-- University of Miami
    Oscar Yeh-- UC Davis
    Su Yi-- University of Notre Dame

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