Hi, my name's Federico Formenti, Verona.
I'm a football trainer and a research assistant at the motor science department of the university of verona.
At the moment I'm particularly interested on soccer pass, but I don't know lots of scientific works on that, from a biomechanical and also psychological point of view. I looked for on pubmed and on official web sites of different soccer world associations, but I think it's not the right direction, could anybody tell me where to look for soccer pass research works, please?
I've already checked the following bibliography:

Anderson DI, Sidaway B. (1994) Coordination changes associated with practice of a soccer kick. Res Q Exerc Sport, 65,(2):93-9

Barfield WR. (1998) The biomechanics of kicking in soccer. Clin Sports Med, 17,(4):711-28

Davids K, Lees A, Burwitz L. (2000) Understanding and measuring coordination and control in kicking skills in soccer: implications for talent identification and skill acquisition. J Sports Sci, 18,(9):703-14

Lees A, Nolan L. (1998) The biomechanics of soccer: a review. J Sports Sci, 16,(3):211-34

Levanon J, Dapena J. (1998) Comparison of the kinematics of the full-instep and pass kicks in soccer. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 30,(6):917-27

Teixeira LA. (1999) Kinematics of kicking as a function of different sources of constraint on accuracy. Percept Mot Skills, 88,(3 Pt 1):785-9

May I tale the opportunity to thank you in advance.

Federico Formenti
Motor Science Department
University of Verona

e-mail: fformenti@univr.it
tel: +39 045 895 26 24
address: via Casorati, 43
37131 Verona

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