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Conference Announcement: Eye Tracking Research and Applications2002

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  • Conference Announcement: Eye Tracking Research and Applications2002

    Conference Announcement
    ³Eye Tracking Research and Applications Symposium (ETRA) 2002²

    25-27 March 2002, New Orleans, LA
    Sponsored by ACM SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH

    On behalf of the ETRA program committee, we are pleased to announce the 2nd
    biennial Eye Tracking Research & Applications Symposium, 25-27 March 2002 in
    New Orleans, LA. We apologize if you receive this message more than once.
    The ETRA symposium is the only US-based meeting focusing specifically on eye
    tracking research and applications.

    We have completed the conference program, included below and available at:

    Conference registration is now open at:

    Please register before February 22, 2002 to ensure pre-registration rates.
    Please also note that conference registration does not include accommodation
    or flights. To book accommodation, please see:

    or contact the conference hotel:
    or at (504) 581-1303.
    To obtain event rates, reservations by attendees must be received on or
    before February 22, 2002. Mention "Eye Tracking Research & Applications
    (ETRA) Symposium" to receive the conference rate. Please register early as
    rooms at the conference rate are starting to fill up!

    Thank you and hope to see you in New Orleans!

    Andrew Duchowski Roel Vertegaal
    ETRA 02 General Chair ETRA 02 Program Co-Chair

    Eye Tracking Research & Applications

    Symposium 2002
    25-27 March 2002, New Orleans, LA, USA

    Conference Announcement

    Sponsored by ...

    With corporate sponsorship from ...

    LC Technologies Applied Science Laboratories
    SensoMotoric Instruments SR Research Ltd
    Seeing Machines

    MONDAY, 25 March 2002

    9:00am - Session 1: Opening Remarks & Keynote Address
    Opening Remarks
    Andrew T. Duchowski (Clemson University, USA)

    Keynote Address: Vision in Natural and Virtual Environments
    Mary M. Hayhoe (University of Rochester, USA)

    Sponsored by ...

    SR Research Ltd
    SR Research Ltd welcomes our keynote speaker and all
    participants to the Eye Tracking Research and Applications

    10:30am break

    11:00am - Session 2: Principles & Methodology
    12:30pm Session chair: Thos. Hutchinson
    Twenty Years of Eye Typing: Systems and Design Issues
    Paivi Majaranta and Kari-Jouko Raiha (University of
    Tampere, Finland)

    Designing Attentive Interfaces
    Roel Vertegaal (Queens University, Canada)

    Fixation Maps: Quantifying Eye-Movement Traces
    David Wooding (University of Derby, UK)

    12:30pm lunch

    2:00pm - Session 3: Blink Response, Visual Attention, and the WWW
    3:30pm Session chair: Jeff Mulligan
    The Act of Task Difficulty and Eye-Movement Frequency for
    the Oculo-Motor Indices
    Koji Takahashi, Minoru Nakayama (Tokyo Institute of
    Technology, Japan), and Yasutaka Shimizu (National
    Institute of Educational Policy Research, Japan)

    Visual Attention to Repeated Internet Images: Testing the
    Scanpath Theory on the World Wide Web
    Sheree Josephson (Weber University, USA)

    Eye Tracking in Web Search Tasks: Design Implications
    Joseph Goldberg, Mark Stimson, Marion Lewnstein, Neil
    Scott, and Anna Wichansky (Oracle Corporation, USA)

    3:30pm break

    4:00pm - Session 4: Panel Discussion
    5:30pm Panel moderator: Roel Vertegaal (Queen's University,
    What Do the Eyes Behold for Human-Computer Interaction?
    Lester Loschky (University of Illinois at
    Urbana-Champaign, USA)
    Eyal Reingold (University of Toronto, Canada)
    Claudia Mello-Thoms (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
    Brooke Hallowell (Ohio University, USA)
    Myron Flickner (IBM Almaden, USA)

    7:00pm - Reception

    TUESDAY, 26 March 2002

    9:00am - Session 5: Systems & Applications I
    10:30am Session chair: Joe Goldberg
    On-Road Driver Eye Movement Tracking Using Head-Mounted
    M. Sodhi, Bryan Reimer, J. L. Coehn, E. Vastenburg, R.
    Kaars, and S. Kirschenbaum (University of Rhode
    Island, USA)

    A Software-based Eye Tracking System for the Study of
    Air-traffic Displays
    Jeffrey B. Mulligan (NASA Ames Research Center, USA)

    Eye Gaze Correction for Videoconferencing
    Jason Jerald and Mike Daily (UNC-Chapel Hill, USA)

    10:30am break

    11:00am - Session 6: Gaze-Contingent Displays
    12:30pm Session chair: Myron Flickner
    Real-time Simulation of Arbitrary Visual Fields
    Bill S. Geisler and Jeffrey S. Perr (University of
    Texas at Austin, USA)

    Reduced Saliency of Peripheral Targets in Gaze-Contingent
    Multi-Resolutional Displays: Blended versus Sharp Boundary
    Areas of Interest
    Eyal M. Reingold (University of Toronto, Canada) and
    Lester C. Loschky (University of Illinois at
    Urbana-Champaign, USA)

    Saccade Contingent Updating in Virtual Reality
    Jochen Triesch, Brian Sullivan (UC San Diego, USA),
    Mary Hayhoe, and Dana Ballard (University of
    Rochester, USA)

    12:30pm lunch

    2:00pm - Session 7: Eye Movement Analysis & Visual Search
    3:30pm Session chair: Brooke Hallowell
    3D Eye Movement Analysis for VR Visual Inspection Training
    Andrew Duchowski, Eric Medlin, Nathan Cournia, Anand
    Gramopadhye, Brian Melloy, and Santosh Nair (Clemson
    University, USA)

    What Attracts the Eye to the Location of Missed and
    Reported Breast Cancers?
    Claudia Mello-Thoms (University of Pittsburgh, USA),
    Calvin F. Nodine, Harold L. Kundel (University of
    Pennsylvania, USA),

    Visual Search: Structure from Noise
    Umesh Rajashekar, Lawrence K. Cormack, and Alan C.
    Bovik (Univ of Texas at Austin, USA)

    3:30pm break

    4:00pm - Session 8: Exhibits
    * LC Technologies
    * Applied Science Laboratories
    * Arrington Research, Inc.
    * SR Research, Ltd.
    * SensoMotoric Instruments

    WEDNESDAY, 27 March 2002

    9:00am - Session 9: Systems & Applications II
    10:30am Session chair: Roel Vertegaal
    FreeGaze: A Gaze Tracking System for Everyday Gaze
    Takehiko Ohno, Naoki Mukawa, and Atsushi Yoshikawa
    (NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan)

    Differences in the Infrared Bright Pupil Response of Human
    Karlene Nguyen, Cindy Wagner, David Koons, and Myron
    Flickner (IBM Almaden Research Center, USA)

    Real-Time Eye Detection and Tracking Under Various Light
    Zhiwei Zhu, Kikuo Fujimura, and Qiang Ji (Honda R & D
    Americas, USA)

    10:30am break

    11:00am - Session 10: Planning ETRA 2004: Get Involved!
    Anyone interested in participating in the organization of
    the next symposium is invited to attend!

    Andrew T. Duchowski, Asst. Prof. office:444 Edwards Hall
    Computer Science Dept., MS-0974 phone:864.656.7677 fax:864.656.0145
    Clemson University
    Clemson, SC 29634-0974

    Professor Roel Vertegaal
    :: hum@n medi@ l@b ::
    Queen's University
    Kingston, Canada K7L3N6
    Tel (613) 533-3070

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