Dear All

I am looking to obtain details of any current research (i.e. unpublished) in
the area of biofeedback in sport, specifically in rowing. If you, or any of
your colleagues are involved in this area could you please contact me with
the details of what you are involved with. I will be using this information
to obtain an overview of this area prior to applying for some research
funding, thus you don’t need to provide exact details of the work, but an
overview of what you are doing and what the results are.

Also if anyone is currently using biofeedback to enhance performance in
studies that are unsuitable for publication (i.e. work with teams etc) I
would like to learn from your experiences within the “real-world”.

I have done the proverbial literature search but with the publication world
lagging behind the current scientific world by a few years (the time between
completing work and getting it published) the current situation is not
obtainable from the literature.

Regards Ross

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