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Biomedical Postdoctoral Research Position

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  • Biomedical Postdoctoral Research Position


    The Hand Biomechanics Laboratory in Sacramento, California
    is pleased to announce a research training position. The
    duties will include the engineering aspects of the
    development of instrumentation and associated software on
    the Etiology of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome project. As a
    component of this project, the trainee will be exposed to
    the broad range of problems of a clinical hand practice both
    within the clinic and in surgery. This will include a
    specific emphasis and training on the biomechanics of carpal
    tunnel syndrome.

    Duration of Training:
    One year with the possibility of a second year extension.

    The applicants should be active scientists with a
    committment to research and continued training in
    biomechanics. The applicants must posses a PhD in an
    engineering field with training and practical knowledge in
    instrumentation, computer software development, and
    biomechanics. Experience with MacIntosh computers is
    desired as well as the ability to assist in experimental
    work on cadavers. The applicant must be a US citizen.
    Smoking is not permitted in the laboratory or associated
    clinical area.

    The Hand Biomechanics Laboratory is a privately funded
    research and development laboratory. The activities of the
    Laboratory include the study of the biomechanics of the
    wrist and hand joints and the design of improved devices for
    hand function as well as the evaluation and proof of these
    devices. The laboratory's success derives from its active
    involvement in the patient care arena which results in an
    appreciation of the clinical problems and the inadequacies
    of current medical technology. The environment combines
    patient care, research, and development, as well as the
    design, manufacture, and marketing of medical devices. The
    in-house machine shop and prototype labs combine to
    facilitate the rapid development of prototypes and related
    upper extremity instrumentation.

    Dr. John M. Agee, MD
    77 Scripps Drive - Suite 104
    Sacramento, CA 95825
    (916)923-5073, -2215(FAX)