(Please excuse duplicate postings!)
For those attending the GCMAS meeting in Chattanooga, a "room sharing" page
has been added to the website (address below).
If you would like your details posted here, please send me an email with
the following information:
Whether a) you already have a room, and want someone to share it with
you, or b) whether you are looking for a room
Your gender (unless you are looking for a REALLY interesting meeting!)
Your contact details
When you find someone to share with (or give up!) please let me know, so I
can remove your details.
Please do not involve me in any discussions relating to room sharing, other
than posting and removing messages - I am pretty busy!
Registrations for the meeting are coming in thick and fast - if you want to
come, please sign up soon!
Mike Whittle

Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society
Seventh Annual Meeting, April 17-20, 2002
c/o Michael W. Whittle, MD, PhD
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
615 McCallie Ave.
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403, USA
Phone: +1-423-755-4046
Fax: +1-423-785-2215
Email: gait2002@utc.edu

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