In response to Dr. Siff's letter on cheating, our university uses a web
service, to check for plagiarism. The benefit of
this service is that it also archives the papers you submit, thus allowing
you to protect against a different student using a friend's paper in the

One note about disciplining students. At Michigan Tech, we are required to
submit any incidents of cheating to the Dean's office. At that point, the
Dean holds a hearing to determine the appropriate action. While giving a
student a zero on one assignment will prevent the occurrence in your class,
reporting it to the proper office prevents the student from cheating in
multiple classes.

Dr. Debra Wright
Biomedical Engineering, Michigan Tech

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>For those of you who teach classes in any sport related topic area, you may
>want to become aware of the website that someone else brought to the
>attention of the Sportpsych list recently.

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