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Help on camera calibration !

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  • Help on camera calibration !

    Dear All,

    We are after a Matlab Program that can give us the camera location during
    motion analysis calibration.

    We have a system, which can track the movment of LED's. Hardware and software
    for this system is developed in house and it works fine.

    The input for this system is 6 camera parameters. X,Y,Z of camera location and
    3 camera rotations. At the moment, the camera's are setup and these six
    parameters are manually measured and entered to get the system going.

    We would like to automate this procedure. We are aware of programs available
    for DLT transformation, which gives the DLT coeff., However, we would like to
    get these six parameters; instead of measuring them manually and to leave the
    tracking software working as it is.

    We would be grateful to receive any ideas, "off the self" matlab routines or
    any references...

    Thanks for your help in advance ...



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