On the basis of the results achieved during the BioNet Event, as well as of
the input the organisers received from a variety of contexts, the
post-event discussion was organised around five general topics. For each
argument we created an Internet discussion forum, which is expected to
elaborate a consensus document on what are the 'grand challenges' that
biomechanics research should face in that specific context. In addition,
each forum may achieve, depending on the level of participation and
commitment, other objectives:

(a) Informal networking. By this we mean activities with the Working
Group. All Group members should be able to join in to pursue whatever goals
are reasonable, both in terms of the group and the individual members.
These could involve, for example, long-term strategic actions or simple
partner searches.

(b) Formal networking. This includes setting up formal Networks of
Excellence (NoE) with the financial support of the European Commission.

(c) Single projects. These are research projects supported by the European
Commission of the same type and scale as those in the Fifth European
Framework Program for research and development.

(d) Integrated projects. These are much larger projects than those
currently supported by the European Commission.

The first forum will deal with the general issues of research on human
mobility. All aspects will be covered, including movement analysis,
computer-based musculo-skeletal modelling, and medical imaging related

The second forum will deal with all aspects related to the creation of
common infrastructures for Biomechanics research. In particular we shall
continue to discuss in this forum all issues related to the sharing of
research results by means of Internet-based repositories, the creation of
virtual communities, and the opportunity to create a Virtual Research

The third forum will host all discussions related with biomechanics in
ergonomy and safety. A specific discussion thread will be the opportunity
and possibility of considering cognitive aspects in these research
activities. Another aspect that will be discussed in if and how
biomechanics can play a key role in industrially relevant topics such as
car safety.

The other two forums were not specifically addressed during the BioNet
event with a dedicated workgroup. However, we received many indications
and recommendations on the need of such a forum for all those colleagues
that work in the areas of biomechanics of medical devices and biomechanics
of biomaterials and tissues analogues.

Please go to the indicated web page and follow the instructions in order to
subscribe to the forums of your interest.

Marco Viceconti
on behalf of the BioNet Consortium

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