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Summary:cycle run interaction

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  • Summary:cycle run interaction

    Dear all

    message posted 8-05-02:

    "I am searching for literature relating to the interaction between cycling
    and running activity and the effect of cycling on the kinetics and
    kinematics of subsequent running activity. The majority of research relating
    to this interaction is physiology based.

    A number of studies report basic biomechanical variables such as step length
    and frequency...

    I am searching for more detailed information on changes in muscle function
    and three dimensional kinetics and kinematics of running gait after running

    Please advise of any useful references"

    Thank you to all those that responded.

    As I stated in the original posting, a number of published articles relate
    to the cycle-run transition, but report only basic biomechanical variables
    such as step length and frequency, running speed etc. The general consensus
    is that very few detailed analyses of 3-d kinematics and muscle function of
    running immediately after cycling activity have been published. However,
    there appears to be a great deal of interest in this area of research.

    Based on the responses that I received, a number of useful papers are in
    press, quite a few researchers appear to be investigating this area at the
    present time, and a number of studies have been conducted that were not

    I won't post information on those papers studies that are in press/not yet
    complete or not yet published. If anybody is interested in contacting those
    who are conducting research in this area or those authors who have papers in
    press, than please contact me and I will pass on a list of useful contacts
    based on the responses I received.

    Andrew Chapman
    PhD Candidate
    Department of Physiotherapy
    The University of Queensland
    St. Lucia, 4072, QLD, Australia.


    Department of Physical Therapy
    Australian Institute of Sport
    P.O.Box 176
    Belconnen, 2616, ACT, Australia.

    phone: + 61 2 6214 7943
    fax: + 61 2 6214 7953
    mobile: + 61 438 115 605

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