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Determining Force on Feet during Jogging and/or walking

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  • Determining Force on Feet during Jogging and/or walking

    First, I am not a bio-mechanical professional nor in a bio-mechanical academic environment so please excuse my ignorance.
    I am trying to get a working knowledge on research and on sensors that can measure force,and perhaps even the vectors of that force, on the foot of a jogger while he/she runs...preferable on solid ground or on a treadmill. Can the force be measured?
    Can the vector/angle of that force be measured? Can the difference between a walk and a job be determined by the force?? .. Any web pages, references,citations, would be appreciated because I know nothing on the subject and need a starting point. There already may be literature on the subject...I don't know where to look.

    I had double-hip resuracing done in December in England, was a jogger before the pain became unbearable and am anxious to get back at least doing mild jogging much to the chagrin of my running orthopaedic doctor in the US, and am trying to quanity the force, maybe with some kind of support..(My doctor in England says the only exercise that is not allowed is bungee jumpng, which I probably can pass up!)

    Ben Hammond
    Montgomery AL USA

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