NeuroStream Technologies, Inc., a Vancouver-based, leading-edge developer
of implantable neural interface systems that restore function in motion
disorders and aid in the management of chronic pain, seeks qualified,
enthusiastic candidates to fill the following full-time positions.

These positions require excellent oral and written communication skills in
English, ability to work well in a multidisciplinary team environment,
ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines, and strong
organizational and documentation skills.

1. Director of Product Development
ˇ Supervise all engineering aspects of product development, testing
and regulatory approvals
ˇ Manage product development engineering team

ˇ Electronics, mechanical or biomedical engineering degree
ˇ Registered Professional Engineer
ˇ Strong background in Design Control/FDA/ISO9001 standards
ˇ Demonstrated competency with verification and validation processes
for components and equipment
ˇ Minimum 10 years in medical device industry with prior project
management experience
ˇ Proven track record taking products to market
2. Real-time Control & Software Engineer
ˇ Development of software/firmware for biomedical applications
ˇ Real-time digital signal processing of biomedical signals
ˇ Mathematical analysis of biomedical signals

ˇ Engineering or computing science degree
ˇ Minimum 3 years of experience with:
§ Software programming in C++
§ Real-time firmware development in Assembler and C
§ Real-time digital signal processing techniques (e.g., FFT, digital
§ Neural networks and fuzzy logic
§ Programming PIC microcontrollers or similar
§ Commercial applications
3. Biomedical Engineer
ˇ In-vivo testing of implanted neuroprosthetic devices and control
ˇ Development of patient rehabilitation strategies and outcome evaluation

ˇ MSc or PhD in biomedical engineering, biophysics, kinesiology,
neurophysiology or equivalent
ˇ Experience with implantation and testing of neuromuscular electrodes
ˇ Experience with biological signal acquisition and analysis methods
ˇ Experience with functional electrical stimulation of paralyzed muscles

Send resumé & letter of interest indicating position applied for, by 31 May
2002, to:
Director of Finance and Operations
NeuroStream Technologies, Inc.
2099 Lougheed Highway, Suite 301
Port Coquitlam, B.C., V3B 1A8, Canada

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