As you probably know human factors is concerned with the fit between
ourselves and the built environment. A forensic human factors specialist may
be called upon when it is alleged than an injury or death was the result of a
failure to take human characteristics and limitations into account in the
design, operation, or maintenance of a product or setting.

I have been asked to write a chapter on the use of computer simulation in
forensic human factors. While I have developed dynamic mannequins for
modeling fall accidents, I am interested in broader issues. For example, what
are the limitations of rigid body models? What criteria exist for
establishing the validity of a simulation? What is the relationship between
number theory (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) and simulation fidelity?
Any thoughts/experience concerning the admissibility of simulations?

I am interested in any books, articles, or examples that you believe are
relevant to the topic and have merit.

Thanks in advance

Gary Sloan, Ph.D.
G. David Sloan, Inc.
Olympia, WA

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