I am currently trying to clamp an animal ligament, called ligamentum nuchae. I an encountering a great deal of trouble as the ligament is extremely slipperly and easily deformed. f I clamp the material really tightly it will deform at the grips, slip and still break at the clamps. I was wondering and hoping that someone might have experience in clamping this or a similar material. I will be performing fatigue tests on this material, so cryogenic clamps would not really but suitable (too expensive to upkeep).

Additionally, the material I am using is fibrous and of an unusual shape, so it is necessary for me to cut it into a standard size and shape. By doing this I am probably cutting some fibres, what is the effect of this on my sample?

In a few weeks time I will gladly post the answers I receive.

Claire Hillery
Royal London Hospital

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